In addition to promoting mediation in the community as an alternate peaceful means of conflict resolution, Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center is engaged in providing training and community education programs.

Conflict is a normal part of life every day. Our trainings offer you, educators, community leaders, counselors, human resources staff, managers, parents, teens, and all interested parties an opportunity to develop conflict resolution and/or mediation skills. The courses are highly interactive with a mixture of lecture, discussion, demonstration and participant role-playing with feedback from instructors and peers.


WVDRC also provides training in mediation theory and skills to anyone interested in acquiring the skills for use in their own personal or professional life, and to all who wish to be among the pro bono (volunteer) certified mediators used to staff WVDRC mediation sessions. This training covers the philosophy, concepts, and skills needed for a working knowledge of the role of a third party neutral mediator. These skills are highly transferable, helping to improve communication and enhance relationships at home, in the workplace, and in the community at large.

Organizations and Businessess

WVDRC provides training in conflict resolution skills to improve communication and conflict resolution capabilities. These trainings are designed to present the concepts, philosophy, and skills needed for a working knowledge of conflict and peaceful resolution.

Mentor Qualifications

Mediators are certified according to the policies and requirements of Resolution Washington, (the Washington state association of Dispute Resolution Centers), and Washington Mediation Association.

Become Certified

Additional training is required for Family Law Mediators, Small Claims Mediators, and all mediation specializations.



40 hours classroom training



Supervised vigorous internship



Ongoing professional education

Custom Training

Custom Training in all areas of Conflict Skills is available to suit the needs of your organization. Call for information and availability.

Training Schedule

40-hour Basic Mediation Training
Fall 2016 in Wenatchee

October 14-16 and 28-30

Family Law Mediation Training

This is an advanced training. Prerequisite 35-40 hour Basic Mediation Training required.

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