Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center offers several services.  Please read more about them below and contact us if you have questions or to request assistance.

What We Offer


WVDRC offers extensive mediation services which you can read more about HERE.


Conciliation is a peaceful alternate means of conflict resolution, where disputes can be settled satisfactorily without going to court.

A voluntary and confidential process dealing with a rather simple single issue conflict. This process also allows the parties to manage the resolution of their own dispute.

Conciliation is a mediated telephone negotiation in which the conciliator acts as an impartial go-between and facilitator. The conciliator usually speaks with each person separately by phone.

Conciliations can result in informal verbal agreements, a legally binding written settlement agreement, or they can lead to more formal mediation sessions.

Restorative Practice

Restorative Practices (RP) are a set of peacemaking procedures and applications which can be adapted to specific settings such as schools, to build relational trust and offer alternatives to punitive discipline.  The goal of restorative practices is to break the expulsion-to-prison pipeline.


The DRC assists businesses, agencies, and groups of all types use a peaceful means to work through disagreements, adjust to change, improve efficiency, or obtain public input on important issues.

Facilitators work with group leaders in advance of the facilitation to develop an appropriate plan, then

the facilitator guides the meetings; helping to generate the most workable solutions.