Our Mission


WVDRC is a place for people in our community to come together and participate in a voluntary, confidential, transformative model of mediation through which clients are empowered to define their issues, negotiate to satisfy their own needs, and create their own mutually satisfactory agreement, rather than going to court or arbitration where a third party makes decisions for them. The mediator’s role is to guide and guard the confidential 6-step process to ensure our clients every opportunity to be heard, to listen to each other, and to explore together possible proposed solutions to their dispute in a safe and private setting. Volunteer mediators provide mediation services.  Client fees are charged on a sliding-fee scale based on each client’s income.


Dispute Resolution Centers have been in existence in Washington State since 1984.  There are currently 21 centers in operation throughout the state.  Beginning in June 2004, through the combined volunteer efforts of Lynn Yialelis and the interest and mentoring of members of the Equal Justice Advisory Council, the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center (WVDRC)  began to take shape. The WVDRC board was formed, met, elected officers, and named the center during their first official meeting on January 17, 2005.

Recruitment and training of individuals interested in becoming certified mediators for the center began in October 2005. The WVDRC was formed under, and in accordance with, Washington State Statute RCW 7.75, and on February 20, 2006 Chelan County Commissioners passed Resolution No. 2006-26 authorizing the creation and operation of the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center.

The WVDRC is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center is a member of Resolution Washington (the association of dispute resolution centers of Washington State) and the Washington Mediation Association (WMA) (an association of attorney and non-attorney mediators in Washington State). WVDRC is a WMA Practicum Approved site for training and certifying mediators in the State of Washington.



Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center offers a team of certified mediators with training and experience in a wide variety of cases. Our mediators come from various professional backgrounds and walks of life and voluntarily offer their time and services to WVDRC, so we can offer affordable quality services to anyone who needs them.

Jennifer TalbotExecutive Director

Emily BryanCustomer Care Coordinator



Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center is a non-profit 501(C)(3). We currently have an 8 member Policy Board of Directors. This board meets once a month in the capacity of governance. Board members establish policy, develop the organization's vision and set the direction for WVDRC. Each board member actively promotes our organization within the community, helps organize and participate in any fund raising events, and assists in training.


Board of Directors

Diana HernandezBoard President
Robert SmetBoard Vice-President
Tammra BrostBoard Treasurer
Jenn CrawfordBoard Secretary
Merriah Barnett
Joanne Dalinkus
Diana Stumbaugh
Laura JaecksPast President